How do I apply for Housing?

  • You can print a pre-application form on this website.  Complete it and bring it with you to the interview.  Click here for a copy.
  • It is best to make an appointment; however, walk-ins are welcome but can only be taken during certain times.
  • Personal Declarations may also be picked up at the office during normal business hours.

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What documentation and information am I required to provide when I apply?

  • All adult members age 18 and older must be present for the interview.
  • You MUST provide Social Security cards for all family members.
  • All adults will need a photo I.D., such as driver’s license.
  • Proof of birth for anyone under 18 years of age.  Acceptable forms include birth certificate, passport, or verification from hospital of birth.
  • If you or a family member are pregnant, please provide written proof of pregnancy and the anticipated due date from a physician or health department.
  • During the interview process you will also be asked where you have lived for the past 5 years – Please provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of landlords or property owners.
  • During the interview process you will also be asked for three personal references – addresses and phone numbers of people not related to you.
  • If you have a checking or savings account, please provide a copy of your most current bank statement or the account number.
  • If someone in your household receives social security/disability, please provide the most recent award letter.
  • Proof of citizenship must be provided if you are not a U.S. Citizen (INS Number, ID, etc.)

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What is the difference between public housing and the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program?

  • Under the public housing program the Housing Authority of Glasgow owns the rental property.  We are the landlord.
  • Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program you are given a voucher, (once approved) to find a place to live in Barren County.  You and the landlord/property owner must agree to a one year lease once the property has met the HCV program criteria.

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Where are the Housing Authority apartments located?

  • We offer 367 rental units in Glasgow and Cave City.  There are 6 different complexes scattered on 11 different sites.

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Do I have to be married or have a child to apply?

  • No.  Single person families are eligible.

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Do I have to have a job?

  • No.  You must be able to show how you will pay for charges or fees that may be applicable.

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How much will the rent be?

  • The rent is based on the family’s ability to pay.  There is a minimum rent charge of $50.00.
  • A good way to “estimate” rent is to take about 30% of the income in the household.

For Example:  If the family estimates it receives $300 a month, then the rent charge would be no more than $100 per month.

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If I have a drug charge, how long before I am eligible for housing?

  • The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) of the Housing Authority of Glasgow and the Administrative Plan (Admin) for the Housing Choice Voucher Program both established a Zero Tolerance for drugs and violent criminal activity.
  • Anyone with drug charges within the last five (5) years is not permitted to be on Housing Authority of Glasgow property and will not be eligible for housing assistance with either program.

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Will any felony charge prevent me from being approved?

  • Not necessarily.  Each case would be considered on an individual basis, depending on the type of charge.

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Can I have a pet?

  • The Housing Authority of Glasgow has a Pet Policy which allows each household to have one (1) domesticated animal (dog/cat) providing all paperwork, deposits and verifications have been submitted for approval.  There are size and weight limits and a pet deposit and application fee are required prior to bringing the pet on housing property.
  • Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program the decision to allow pets is left to the landlord/property owners.

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 Are the apartments air conditioned?

  • Yes, all Housing Authority of Glasgow units have central heat/air.
  • Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program the availability of air conditioning is up to the landlord/property owner.

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 Can I pick where I live?

Housing Authority of Glasgow

  • Applications are maintained on a waiting list by date and time of application.
  • When your name comes to the top of the appropriate bedroom size waiting list and an apartment is ready to rent, you will be contacted concerning rental of the unit.
  • If you do not like the location or are unable to rent at the time you are contacted, your name will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list and must then work its way back up to the top.
  • After turning down three (3) units, you must come back in to the Housing Office and reapply if you are still interested in remaining on our waiting list.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • Yes, you select the unit you want to lease.  We will inspect the property to ensure it passes certain housing standards and safety requirements BEFORE rental assistance can begin.

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