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What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is available to all families that live in public housing. It is a voluntary program designed to assist families in becoming self-supporting so they will no longer need public assistance.  The only requirement is the desire, willingness and commitment to take the steps necessary to make a change in your life.  Hundreds of families all over the country have taken that first step to improving the quality of life for themselves and their families.   

How does the FSS Program work?

The FSS Program is a cooperative program that provides support and assistance to a family for up to five years. The head of household enters into an agreement with the Glasgow Housing Authority (GHA).  The family develops an action plan to identify its goals and objectives. The action plan outlines activities and services necessary to achieve your selected goals and objectives. Regular contact with the FSS Coordinator is essential. This contact will provide opportunities to problem-solve, discuss any changing needs of the family, and discover area resources available to ensure success.

A key benefit to the FSS Program is the establishment of an escrow account.  As the family achieves its goals in employment, this account builds as the family’s income increases.  The escrow is awarded to the family upon successful completion of the FSS Contract.  A family can join the FSS Program even if members are presently working or are in school. 

What kinds of resources are available to help me?

The FSS Coordinator is knowledgeable about many supportive services in the community.  Some of the services could include workshops in resume writing, skill building, interviewing techniques, job search, job placement, completing or enhancing your education, career counseling, affordable childcare, commodities, educational programs,  physical and mental health clinics, household budgeting, credit counseling, and family nutrition just to name a few.  Through collaboration with other providers, we also offer many opportunities unique to the FSS families.

What’s the catch?

This sounds too good to be true! 
The only requirement is you must be a leaseholder residing in GHA public housing.
That’s it…..

What will be required of me?

COMMITMENT!  You establish your own goals and objectives for your family.  Bring your unique talents, skills and determination to complete your FSS action plan. We will work with you along the way to assist you with progress towards self-sufficiency.  Meet with us occasionally to update your goals and objectives.  You are on your way to economic independence!

Why participate in the FSS Program? 

Families join the program to learn work skills and improve their ability to become employed and maintain their employment.   There is a financial incentive for the family when participating in the program. This aspect gives a sense of pride to the family while removing the dependency on public assistance.  As a whole, FSS clients make impressive progress towards self-sufficiency.

For More Information – with
no obligation to participate…

Please Contact:

FSS Coordinator
(270) 651-3859


Commodity Food Program

The TEFAP or Bag Program is also income based, but it is available for all age and household sizes.  There is no application process and/or waiting list.  The family representative only needs to come to the Commodity Distribution Site on the days the Commodity Food Bags are being distributed and provide proof of residence and proof of income.  Once they have been approved they sign the Pick-up Sheet and receive a bag of non-perishable food for that month.  Participants can only receive one bag of food per month.


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